If this is the future of fashion and transportation I prefer to move naked on foot!!!

Students of automotive design and fashion at the European Institute of Design in Barcelona have joined forces to explore the futures of urban mobility, in collaboration with Iniciativa BMW. "Suits That Transport"—translated a little cagily from the Spanish "El traje que te transporta"— is the name given to an exhibition of the students final outcomes currently on public display on the Rambla Catalunya in central Barcelona.
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Stella Star

SO, here's my first fashion post!
(I'm sure my friends that know me for years, won't believe that I'm doing this...)

It's just, that I saw the Stella McCartney pre-Fall 2011 collection, and I really really liked it! Especially the knitwear remind me of some sweaters, that my mother used to have, since the late 80s!
(Mommy, can I borrow something pleaeaeaeaeaese????)

Here are the outfits that I liked the most!



I guess I will be eating 'n' drinking 'n' dancing for the rest of the year...

Party host: All my dearest friends and family!
Dress Code: formal (naaa....It's only for one week per year)!
Where: at home, at Efi's home, at Vogue Club 
When: all week long!!!
Friends: all of them!!!!!
Music: didn't pay attention to be honest...
Got Drunk: hm.... most of the times....I think....
Had fun: absolutely!!

In Thessaloniki Christmas Funfair
Pillbox Bazaar 4. The Leopard-print qoif is now mine!! xixi! Thanks bro! (by TheanoG)
kitty kitty kitty

Christmas Day - Club Vogue...

New Year's Eve at home

I won the "flouri"! Yuppi! (I made the pie with my own two hands! Yes yes!)
New Year's Eve at Efi's home
Wish you all A Happy New Year!!!! Lots of Love, Health and Luck!