early, indie christmas

exactly one year ago, i had the chance to read the indie brands book, by anneloes van gaalen, and write a piece about it on pop-up city (ahhh good times <3 ).

last week, the indie brands events -that take place in amsterdam's creative heart, pakhuis de zwijger- presented their #5 food edition; an evening with inspirational lectures, words of wisdom by indie food entrepreneurs and of course lots of food! moreover, they were giving away only one christmas crate (fietskraat) full of kick-ass, indie goodies.
and guess who won????

since i never ever ever ever win anything and since i also looooove food (and indie stuff duh!) i was super excited when i was announced that i won the crate!
i picked it up, jumped around, and here are some pics that will make you green from jealousy (no, no i have no guilt about it).


the indie fietskrat (bicycle crate, c'mon!) contains:
- a Fietskrat (Two-o)
- Stunning Sofia Tea (Mr Jones)
- Chocolate chip cookies (Donny Craves)
- Biologische noten (Just Nuts)
- Beer bottle “Mama” (Oedipus Brewing)
- Cookies (John Altman)
- Blond Beer bottle (Halbe)
- Chocolate bar (Tony Chocolonely)
- Peppermints (Peppersmith)
- Edible tea (So T)
- Coffee (375 gr, Moyee)
- Loser Book: Over het leed dat falen heet

if you're around amsterdam don't miss indie brands' future events and if amsterdam is not just a coffee away, get the indie brands book!

thank you so so so much indie brands and pakhuis de zwijger for this amazing and inspiring gift!

<3 happy holiday season <3



part 2 of the afternoon that i spent with my loves. thank you so much for taking care of me :)
you can view the full photoshoot at christinas' blog. just click here.

photo/edit Christina Foka
photo Vaggelis Roubos

make up Efi Votsou



this is not just a photo-shoot. it's an afternoon with my dearest friends around, captured in pictures. thank you both! love you!

photo/edit Christina Foka 

make up Efi Votsou

part 1 of an afternoon to remember
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world, this is chita maimo. chita for friends.

you'll be seeing her a lot from now on