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Oh Holy!

Party host: Holy Mustache (owner of Pop up vintage boutique in Athens, vintage collector, art director, stylist and many many other things...)
Dress Code: Animal Print (...for me means trouble! :P)
Where: Block33
When: Last Saturday night
Friends: Aris, Theano, Argyris, Manolis
Got Drunk: no...
Had fun: yes...

event poster
TheanoG, Clutch Bag and Qoif
Argyris, promoting TheanoG Clutches :P

TheanoG Coifs, order here
Aris, acting serious...

wearing: TheanoG - qoif and bracelet, Zara-Ramones tshirt (pretty old...), Mom's- 80's leather skirt, Zara-clogs

TheanoG clutch

Holy Mustache and friends showing us the Light

P.S. I really have to invest in a new camera... :S



Since last year I have been nuts for the ModCloth.com. It is an USA-based e-shop, that features clothes, accesories and apartment stuff. Today I'm presenting some of my favorite Apartment Decor stuff.

Quit Staring Clock I love making crosseyed- eyes! :P

Martyosh-Cups, I really love this dolls!
Tasty Trio Tiffin Box in Square, Perfect for the beach, since I always get hungry after swimming!!!

Tea-total-er Service Set, Love Tea, love this color combination!

Let there be Flight Hanging Lamp, I don't like birds in cages, so this is a good choice!

Check out my place rug and Where the Green ferns glow Lamp, This green color makes me relax totally!

Wet Cats ... and Mirla (my cat)... no further comments! :P


In Berlin

Never expected to get so much stimuli from one and only city!
Last May we visited Berlin. Ok, we knew that it is the centre of contemporary arts and hippsters nowdays, but we didn't expect anything like that! We stayed at a great loft apartment in kreuzberg.
The special point in our trip was that we didn't behave like tourists! We avoided to visit the most touristic places and we managed to see lots of galleries, walked in parks and of course do lots of shopping!!!
Here's some photos!