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photos 1,2,3,4 via The Selby

photos 5,6 via Imatiothiki

photo via Adeline Rapon

photo via Pandora

photo via Cherry Blossom Girl

photo via Elsa Bags

photo via tumblr

photo via tumblr

photo via Lolita
and this one is mine! :)


don't need a therapist...

...cause I started knitting

if I want to look like a character from "where the wild things are"

gift for my mom's namesday. <3

patatoufa doll

I think that quite soon I will upload more photos from other things that I have also knitted. Lots of tense that I use for creativity! :) 
photos by Aris! Thaaaaanks!



I think this is the best song of Fleet Foxes ever
and the video is just dreamy

Music: Fleet Foxes
Album: Helplessness Blues

Director: Sean Pecknold
Animators: Sean Pecknold & Britta Johnson
Character Illustrations: Stacey Rozich
Art Assistant: Natalie Jenkins
Producer: Aaron Ball
Multiplane: Greg Pecknold
Post/Edit : Sean Pecknold
Particle FX: Britta Johnson
AE Assist: Austin Wilson
Sound FX: Shervin Shaeri
Story: Sean Pecknold
Labels: Bella Union & Sub Pop

Made in Portland, Oregon
Made with Dragonframe

Please watch in HD with headphones or speakers and full screen if you really want to get crazy.



THE 9NTH INNING EP released on Hydroshare.tv with Certified Skateboards

Direction and Animation by Meriem Bennani



well, it took me 14 years but I finally managed to make my biggest childhood dream come true.


since I'm not the most objective person to make a live review (btw, the live was beyond expectations!!) I just want to make a notice. I have been to many live shows in my life. It is one of the rare times that I have seen musicians really enjoying what they're doing. It is the first time that photos I have shot during a concert have so many smiles. And this is what music is all about. Happiness. Hanson.