in the country

these are the benefits of living in a small-scale city, like utrecht. what i've been missing most of my life in thessaloniki, i found it here. yes, geese on siesta, curious chickens, cuddly goats and dotty rabbits, just around the corner of my home!



drink me eat me

I remember, when I was young, I used to try to "redecorate" my bedroom every 6 months or so. But, when I mean young, I mean like 9 or 10. So as you can tell, my finances were quite tight back then, and I couldn't afford buying anything. My imagination had to lead me to cost free solutions, but fun too, right? I remember one of those times that I was struggling to find a way to "redecorate" my room, I came up with the idea of drawing lots of tiny smurfs (stroumfakia in greek) and the relevant environment on a piece of paper, cut them and stick them all around the room, even on the bottom of my desk or bed.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of tiny smurfs "smiling" all around my room, back from those days, but I have just found this diy project that I think that I would totally try! I am sure that my roomie- slugs will appreciate the snail-size intervention! (however I am not so sure about Aris...)

found via design*sponge and originally from kate's creative space

printed wool

eley kishimoto aw1213

craving for printed wool, berets and especially this and this.

blue elephant in pink city

I found this nice song and even better clip via booooooom

Gotye - Seven Hours With a Backseat Driver - official video from Gotye on Vimeo.
Directed, designed and animated by Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp at Rubber House

Additional animation by Neil Sanders, Gavin Mouldey, Alex Grigg, Peter Lowey and Jérémy Pires

Additional design by Marlo Meekins

Music credits:
Produced by Wally De Backer
Mixed and mastered by Franc Tetaz
From the Gotye album Like Drawing Blood