chasing chicken in flare pants, talking to cats, eating shrimps, feeding shrimps, measuring buildings, teasing mom, teasing dad, teasing aris in blue; delft blue



my parents visited me last week and we walked a lot, traveled a lot, talked a lot and ate a lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot...

my mother asked me to write an essay on how we spent our time together (for old times' sake)... i guess she'll just have to stick with the pics for the time being... i'm still digesting the loads of food... i cannot digest and think and write at the same time...

part 1 of our trips around central nl. here: in utrecht, amsterdam and leiden.


in memory of the lion

getatchew mekuria, the ex and friends presented their new cd “y'anbessaw tezeta” (in memory of the lion) at the bimhuis in amsterdam on the 6th of july, and I can only say that it was a total madness...    . -