an absolute confirmation of darwin's theory

adorable animals @artis park/zoo, amsterdam.
though i really like seeing animals that i might never have the chance to see in their natural environment, it is very sad to watch all these fur- and feather-balls captured in their cages...


life aquatic

how much do i miss the sea...
@ artis aquarium, amsterdam

we are on fire

Director/Producer: Emma Freeman
Producer: Joerg Lassak / Curtisfilm
Producer (Australia): Leanne Tonkes
Cinematographer: Filip Piskorzynski
Cinematographer (Australia): John Brawley
Editors: Emma Freeman, Filip Piskorzynski & Billy Browne
Production Design: Beatrace Oola
1st AC: Jan Phillip Grelich
Weisscam Operator (Hamburg): Christian Steidten
Weisscam Operator (Australia): Matt Chow
Production Design Assistant: Denise Wissmann
Hair & Make Up: Ferdinand Foecking, Katharina Schneider
Gaffer: Mirko Buchholz
Electrician: Bemme Emmrich, Gert Seggewiss
Grip: Adriano Grilli
Production Assistants: Anton Pleva, Lou van Houtte, Adam Dostalek
Studio & Technical Equipment: Cinegate Hamburg, Kai Habermann
Weisscam: MBF Hamburg, Nadine Oesterreicher, Red Apple (Australia)

Digital Artist: Marcus Smith @ Blue Post www.bluepost.com.au

Visual Effects: ALT VFX www.altvfx.com

Featuring CocoRosie, Biño Sauitzvy & Rebecca Wright

Spirit: Connor Van Vuuren, Jean Marc Ruellan

Filmed in Hamburg, Germany and Sydney, Australia.



bed hair

i have spend the last two weeks in the bedroom, on the bed, with a bunch of flowers, books, papers and markers, using the window sill as a desk... yes... i'm writing my thesis... the weather is nothing like summer, but I guess i shouldn't complain... there are no reasons for procrastinating... except for some furballs... i'll show you later...