merry music!

Party host: ReaLiez (yeah... that's our band!)
Dress Code: none!
Where: mikropolis
When: Last Thursday night (23/12/2010)

Friends: all of them!!!!!
Music: ehhh.... us!!!!!
Got Drunk: fortunately not!
Had fun: yihaaaaaaaa!


photos by Alex Lizos! (thaaaaanks!)

p.s. we're wearing TheanoG hats (yeah, that's our bass-player!)


Yeah Baby yeah

You know that I have a huge mania with Acid Baby Jesus!
Here's their new video! And this time it's beyond expectations!

Sometimes I feel for them like a proud mother... I should check it..... hmmmmm...


Swing in red

Party host: Lindy Hop Greece, Swingalonica2010 "Christmas Swing Ball" 
Dress Code: All in Red (...it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!)
Where: Principal Club/Theater
When: Last Saturday night
Friends: Lindy Hoppers from all over the country, Aris, and our new friends Kanelina and Ghiannis
Music: The Speakeasies Swing Band , Rhythm Junkies and swing dj sets.
Got Drunk: by the rythm!
Had fun: can't imagine!

for more and better photos click here.
event poster
The Speakeasies Swing Band
all in red (sort of...)
Mikaela Hellsten and Oskar Markusson
Mindaugas J. Bikauskas and Giedre Paplaityte
the teaching couples of the Swingalonica. from left: Mikaela Hellsten and Oskar Markusson, Annie Trudeau and Max Angelo Pitruzzella, Mindaugas J. Bikauskas and Giedre Paplaityte
Rhythm Junkies

Christina Loukaki and Max Angelo Pitruzzella
vintage dress from Adore HOLY MUSTACHE VINTAGE

young Lindy Hoppers! :P (can't imagine how many people we've kicked - due to the "kick the dog" step)
our new friends: Kanelina and Ghiannis from Athen's Swing Cats

just before

While editing some of our new photos, here's a track that we absolutely love!


Coos and babes

Party host: Cooradio
Dress Code: Eccentric (...great!)
Where: Coo Cafe/Bar
When: Last Saturday night
Friends: Aris, Celia, Ariadne, Maria, Marios, Apostolis, Rodi, Ellie, Christina (am i forgetting anyone? damn you tonic!)
Got Drunk: a little...
Had fun: lots!

party poster

evil babe
hahahahah! baaaaaaaaaaaabeeee...