I guess I will be eating 'n' drinking 'n' dancing for the rest of the year...

Party host: All my dearest friends and family!
Dress Code: formal (naaa....It's only for one week per year)!
Where: at home, at Efi's home, at Vogue Club 
When: all week long!!!
Friends: all of them!!!!!
Music: didn't pay attention to be honest...
Got Drunk: hm.... most of the times....I think....
Had fun: absolutely!!

In Thessaloniki Christmas Funfair
Pillbox Bazaar 4. The Leopard-print qoif is now mine!! xixi! Thanks bro! (by TheanoG)
kitty kitty kitty

Christmas Day - Club Vogue...

New Year's Eve at home

I won the "flouri"! Yuppi! (I made the pie with my own two hands! Yes yes!)
New Year's Eve at Efi's home
Wish you all A Happy New Year!!!! Lots of Love, Health and Luck!


  1. ax auta ta kapelakia!!sto epomeno pillbox bazaar den tha mu glitwsoun!

  2. Einai apaixta, ontws! Ta ftiaxnei i fili mou i Theano! Mporeis na parageileis opote thes, kai na min xreiazetai na perimeneis to epomeno Pillbox! ;)
    Eite apo to blog tis, eite apo to profile tis sto fb. Kanei kai eidikes parageleies! :D

  3. Happy New Year!
    Awesome photos - love the kaleidoscope ones!

    PS// Topshop Nailpolish Giveaway over at mine :)

  4. Happy new year too!
    I'm so happy you liked them!
    Off to your blog then! :D