Smile like you mean it

The last days have been really full of anxiety and nerve-breaking moments...
I'm preparing my papers in order to register for a master's program in Netherlands by next September (fingers crossed).

The thing is, that it's been many days since I've smiled about something (Ari's jokes are excluded of course <3<3<3). Today, on my way home, there was a little girl with her mum in the bus that was really "chirping"! She was laughing and talking all the time about how much she loves the sun, the sea and the busses! I looked around me and I saw all the former glummy people in the bus smiling. And then it came to me! No matter how stressed, tired and depressed one can feel, it only takes one girl's laughters to brighten up one's day!

From now on, I will bring that girl with the brown curly hair and the squeaky voice screaming "bye bye to you all!" in my mind and smile in relief! Could it be that this girl was actually me?

...and real music that really chears me up!


  1. Let s smile like we mean it partner! After all we deserve it:)