ooooh you fluffy monstas!

Drouble and Touble a Two Headed Monster, by Something Fuzzy

Monster Plush - The Bad Mood Monsters Series - Miss Tang, by HibouCards

(xaxx! Love this one!) Karel Hungry Hat, by Fairly Enchanted

Cali Tree Hug, by treebot

Cyd the Cyclops, by Freaky Fleece
The Cotton Candy Monster, by lauren roberts art

Yowza a Stuffy Fluffy Pillow Monster, by Something Fuzzy

Monster Pillow, by Bearmojo

Sock monster named Jigsaw, by Maddies sockminions

Lucky Monster Faux Paw - Take Me To The Zoo Monster, by lucky faux paws

Sockmonsterz, by Thurzty's SockMonsterz

Pacman ghost, by fibrous

URBNPOP red monster, by karikatzi

Monster Stuffed Felt Toy Mr.Peggy, by vertuta

Monster Pin - Sebastian, by Killer Artwear

Banana Monster, by Timid Monsters

Custom made Blinking monster puppet, by Lunas Puppets

Professional Movie Puppet, Blinking Lenord Puppet, by Lunas Puppets

Vintage 1970s Hairy A Go Go Wild Hairy Yellow Monster, in Emelias Cupboard

Love them love them love them!!!!
So many colours and patterns and googly eyes!!!! All you need is fantasy!!! 
I used to have a monsta like the last one (the vintage one) when I was a child!!!
(where could it be by now???)


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