Mediterraneo Symbiosis

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15th Youth Biennale
Thessaloniki: 7/10 – 6/11/2011
Visual Arts, Applied Arts, Architecture, Design, Fashion, Jewellery, Urban Acts, Gastronomy
Rome: 6-17/11/2011
Literature, Cinema, Music

25 years after the first successful organization of the Biennale of young creators from Europe and the Mediterranean, this international event returns to Thessaloniki.

This year, the Biennale will be characterized by a new format, not just a single event, but a long journey through the Mediterranean area, with the participation of 3 main cities – Thessaloniki, Rome and Casablanca and other small-scale local events.

At the end of this journey, more than 400 artists between 18-30 years old, from Europe and the Mediterranean will have participated i n the activities, presented in the framework of the common theme: “SYMBIOSIS?”.

The theme has been defined by a pool of experts and curators from Thessaloniki, where the sectors Visual Arts, Applied Arts (Architecture, Design, Fashion, Jewellery), Urban Acts and Gastronomy will be hosted.

The organizing institutions in Thessaloniki –the General Secretariat for Youth, the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and the Aristotle University– are collaborating with other local institutions and independent curators, in order to activate all the creative forces of the city towards the creation of a memorable event.

The XV Biennale de la Mediterranee will thus take over the whole city, as it will unfold in a variety of public and alternative spaces around the city, beyond the standard museum-type presentation. Along with the physical areas that will be occupied on land AND sea (Port area, Seacoast and Aristotelous Square, New Town Hall and the White Tower area, Valaoritou area, Aristotle University campus), local students will also work towards the taking over of the city’s media (TV, radio and web productions).

Finally, the Biennale aims at providing young artists the possibility of networking with established art professionals from around the world. To this direction -in collaboration with the British Council, the Goethe Institut and the Institut Francais- significant personalities from the international arts scene will participate through a series specially designed workshops.

XV Biennale de la Mediterranee: “SYMBIOSIS” in action.

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