6 Episode 3 Place not mentioned. Escape during violent storm, still fighting though persed for long distance.

After M Wurther run...

At Jullo Callio via Norma They are captured by the Glandelinians
Gigantic roverine with young all poisonous all islands of universan seas and oceans. also in claverina angelinia and abbieaana

At 5 norma catherine. But are retaken.
56 At Jennie Richee. Vivian Girls caught in insane fury of crazy thunderstorm bring child slaves to shelter, though 8 are killed
Looking west down Aronburg run river
At Jennie Richee 57. They seize a glandelinian officer who is in swimming during height of storm
172 At Jennie Richee. Storm continues. Lighting strikes shelter but no one is injured.

Study of VIvian Girl with doll.
At Cedernine jennie being wounded is caught between firing lines
3 At Jennie Richee are persued down stream. Puzzle, try and find them, but they’re in picture.
53 At Jennie Richee Assuming nuded appearance by compulsion race ahead of coming storm to warn their father

Human headed blengins of calverine island catherine isles. Males. Venomous. Only the angels of heaven can combact these creatures.
At battle of Drosabellamaximillan. Seeing Glandelinians retreating Vivian girls grasp Christian banners, and lead charge against foe

Henry Darger (1892–1973)
one of the outsiders
more info here and here
he reminds me a lot one of my favourite painters, Theofilos.

I do not own any of these pictures. All pictures taken from the American Folk Art Museum

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