knit inspo

as you may know, for a few months, thanks to my dearest Louise who tought me, I've started knitting.
some of my friends and family are already enjoying (?) a couple of things that I made for them. (hopefully I will be able to post some photos soon. for the time being you can check these ones)
as today I have probably given the last examinations of my life (she said, and god loled) I am looking forward to starting knitting new kind of things, try new patterns and generally experiment! (all of the knitting along with my master thesis of course...)

also, I'm so happy to see nowadays more and more girls (and men too) being creative, not only with handcraft stuff*, but also with music, theater etc! unempolyment sometimes comes with some benefits (such as extra free time and relaxation).

so this is a pattern that inspired me a lot for future creations!
(I couldn't find the source...it was on tumblr... sorry...)
Thanks to Vivika I have a source now: Topshop Knitted Block Graphic Jumper. :D

*you can check some super creative girlfriends of mine here:
The Drifter Leather
The Wandering Deer
Sofi Moukidou Jewellery


  1. Για δες τι σου βρήκα!
    Thanks για τα καλά σου λόγια!

  2. ha!! To ypoloipo!!!
    hihi! Euxaristw poly! :D