a matter of objectivity and respect

i have just spotted online the poster for coachella festival with the very impressive and i-wish-i-were-there lineup. however, i really got frustrated by the emphasis and the highlighted priority (or not) the festival organizers gave to some bands instead of some others. i really don't give a damn what fashion bloggers -who actually support this festival- consider to be the band/artist of the year but seriously, by no means does this mean that you are allowed to:
1. list the black keys (whom I really like) over pulp and the rapture
2. list bon iver and noel gallagher (no...I really don't like...) over kasabian (seriously??), godspeed you! black emperor, flying lotus, buzzcocks and black lips

and on the one hand you could say that, ok, pulp were on top during the 90s and the rapture in the 00s but this argument doesn't fit here, since we got 3 90s stars for headliners (radiohead and dr.dre-snoop dogg)!

noone can convince me that tune-yards is less promising than bon iver (for god's sake!!!!!!!)
it's not just a matter of personal preference. it is not fair for all these artists. festivals all over the world, no matter their poppularity (i have seen similar situations also in local greek festivals) should stop treating the artists as if they were just products with popularity rates that their only purpose is to bring bloggers to the arena and money to their pockets. all musicians are equal no matter their temporal popularity. repect the artists and please, stop putting them in highlighted lists!

last, but not least, cheers for keep shelly in athens for being in this festival! great success for greek music scene!

sorry for nagging...........

p.s.  i would loooooove to be in this fest...next year, that i will be rich!

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