i have been following angelica's (aufrais) work since last year, and her pictures really warmed my heart from the very first moment. she's providing me with all the greek vibes (and not only) that i need through her blog.
so, i was more than excited when she sent me as a gift a set of her postcards! as our apartment here in utrecht is lacking in personal "touch" on the walls, aufrais' photographs came as the pops of colour, coziness and inspiration that our little bedroom needed. and you cannot imagine how great this wall looks with sun!
i am trying not to make many holes on the wall, thus i decided to hang the little frames with fishing lines from two already existing nails. i really like how they seem to be floating in the air.

you can find her personal work here and here, shop her photography here and her handmade soaps here.

thank you angelica! 

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