in the eye

 last saturday we traveled to amsterdam and we took the ferry to cross the ij canal ("het ij" sounds like the "eye"). well, it's actually a lake, but it is so linear that can be easily confused... nevermind...
the weather has been so crazy the last few days that you really should be prepared for anything; sun, rain, snow, hazel, with an alternation period of a quarter. just crazy!
however, we managed to get some sunshine and beautiful blue skies while traveling from amsterdam's central station to the old harbor on the north. what were we doing in the northern old port? i'll upload some pics later...
i am lucky enough to be doing a similar ferry route twice a week since last december that i've started my internship in the pop-up city blog, whose offices are based in amsterdam noord. (check it out! i'm sure you'll love it!)
it just makes my day being in the water early in the morning, even if it is only for 3 minutes!

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